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GB-2081008-A: Semiconductor annealing patent, GB-2081073-A: Window wiping mechanism for a vehicle windscreen patent, GB-2081491-A: Making battery plates patent, GB-2082290-A: Valves particularly servovalves patent, GB-2082847-A: Variable Reluctance Motor patent, GB-2082973-A: Printer Apparatus patent, GB-2083005-A: Arrangements for the Presentation of Articles of Rod Form patent, GB-2083006-A: Tamper proof container patent, GB-2083529-A: Dredgers patent, GB-2084285-A: Flexible corrugated tube patent, GB-2085463-A: Grout preparations patent, GB-208653-A: Improvements in clips for ropeway cars patent, GB-2087442-A: Letting-off terry warps patent, GB-2088105-A: Data recording apparatus patent, GB-208871-A: Improvements in photographic cameras patent, GB-208904-A: A process for making homogeneous mixtures patent, GB-2089116-A: Self-converging deflection yoke used with a magnetically permeable corrector ring patent, GB-2089673-A: Fluidised beds patent, GB-2089738-A: A vehicle body patent, GB-2090207-A: A supporting body for motor vehicle suspension members patent, GB-2090767-A: Fluidised bed combustion apparatus patent, GB-2091157-A: A method of manufacturing formed products patent, GB-2091664-A: Rudder for watercraft patent, GB-2091915-A: Power supply patent, GB-2092155-A: Process for the production of hunan epidermal growth factor patent, GB-2093164-A: Fluid flow control valve patent, GB-2093350-A: Devices for heating and cooling the body patent, GB-2093479-A: Coated Paper Substrates patent, GB-2093526-A: Hand held hair dryers patent, GB-2093739-A: Apparatus for applying glue onto sheetlike blanks patent, GB-2094033-A: Method and apparatus for measuring selected characteristics of fluids patent, GB-2094559-A: Electrical motor patent, GB-2094748-A: Forming metal microspheres patent, GB-2094756-A: Bulk containers patent, GB-209508-A: Improvements in or connected with biscuit making or dough working machinery patent, GB-2095429-A: Device having a controllable output shaft patent, GB-2095744-A: Forming gaps in continuous slide fastener chains patent, GB-2096408-A: Improvements in or relating to the stator assembly and speed control of a dc electric motor patent, GB-2096513-A: Dual motion press patent, GB-2096535-A: Honeycomb panel construction patent, GB-2096640-A: Catalytic particles and process for their manufacture patent, GB-2096884-A: Perforated support panels patent, GB-2097168-A: Recording and/or reproducing apparatus patent, GB-2097617-A: Phase comparators patent, GB-2098402-A: Variable-resistance controller patent, GB-2098553-A: Bumper for motor vehicles patent, GB-2099107-A: Blocking device for preventing axial movement between two bodies patent, GB-2099463-A: Cylinder and dial circular knitting machine patent, GB-2099517-A: Mounting arrangement for a stator vane of a gas turbine engine patent, GB-2099827-A: Food product and process patent, GB-2100153-A: Diamond sawing machine patent, GB-2100327-A: Field-installed insulation and apparatus for and method of making and installing the same patent, GB-2102003-A: New 11 beta ,18-epoxy steroids having anti-aldosterone activity patent, GB-2102144-A: Optical fiber connectors patent, GB-2102185-A: Rotary recording medium patent, GB-2102791-A: Alkynylamino ethylenes patent, GB-2103153-A: Holder for loose leaves patent, GB-2103189-A: Controlling tension in paper strip fed to rotary printing press patent, GB-2103608-A: Substituted thiazolo(3,2-a)pyrimidines and process for their preparation patent, GB-2104272-A: Soundboard for guitar patent, GB-2104597-A: Valves assembly patent, GB-2104751-A: Image transmission system patent, GB-2106416-A: Desiccator assembly patent, GB-2106507-A: Erucic acid esters patent, GB-2107027-A: Sliding gate valve having adjustable seal pressure patent, GB-210870-A: Improvements in and relating to the cementation of iron and steel patent, GB-2109416-A: Coating powder with valve- metal patent, GB-2109969-A: Control system for controlling the passage of vehicles patent, GB-2110044-A: Digital signal separation network and television receiver including such a network patent, GB-2110158-A: An extruder head for sheathing steel pipes with tubular thermoplastic adhesive and protective layers patent, GB-211125-A: patent, GB-2111333-A: A mulitplexed analog to digital converter having a feedback stabilised ramp patent, GB-211172-A: Improvements in gauges for indicating the draught of ships patent, GB-2112258-A: Inductor coating therefor and method of applying the coating patent, GB-211267-A: Improvements in and relating to regenerative furnaces for gas production or the like patent, GB-2112838-A: A sealing system for a well bore in which a hot fluid is circulated patent, GB-2113624-A: A passenger motor vehicle having a folding top patent, GB-211393-A: Improvements in or relating to apparatus for producing horse hair thread patent, GB-211436-A: Improvements in or relating to vacuum fuel feeding devices patent, GB-2114830-A: Stepping motor drive patent, GB-2115643-A: Television display system with reduced line-scan artifacts patent, GB-2115671-A: Electric barrier patent, GB-2116139-A: Elevating acute turn guide for hose hauler apparatus patent, GB-211696-A: Improvements in grain drying apparatus patent, GB-2118175-A: Herbicidal derivatives of nitrogen-containing heterocycles patent, GB-2119485-A: Fuze safety mechanism patent, GB-212243-A: patent, GB-2123411-A: Preparation of a mixture of ethers useful as a gasoline additive patent, GB-2123466-A: Curtain sided railway goods vehicle patent, GB-2125611-A: Multicell electric storage batteries of recombination type patent, GB-2126005-A: Non-abrasive magnetic head cleaning method patent, GB-2127140-A: Plate type heat exchanger with transverse hollow slotted bar patent, GB-212726-A: Die stocks patent, GB-2128441-A: Adaptive digital signal coring circuit patent, GB-2128503-A: Improvements in or relating to insulated conductors patent, GB-2128642-A: Knitting machine needles patent, GB-213028-A: An improved device for use in massage or skin treatment patent, GB-2132138-A: An electronic postage meter system with a removable register on a card patent, GB-2132324-A: Apparatus for treatment of a web of material by gaseous medium patent, GB-2136787-A: Formation of dense chlorine hydrate patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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